St. Baldrick’s Fundraiser

St Baldricks Fundraising Head Shaving Event held at EFR on March 17, 2017

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EFR Turnouts Auxiliary

Evergreen Fire Rescue is forming an auxiliary support group of interested community members to provide assistance with special events for prevention and education; and to provide assistance to emergency responders prior, during, and after emergency calls. They will be called the EFR Turnouts. If you are interested in finding out more or in applying to […]

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Fire Extinguisher Service Day May 15, 2017

    Fire Extinguisher Service Day Monday May 15, 2017  – 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Evergreen Fire Rescue will be hosting a fire extinguisher service day at Fire Station #2 (on the south side of the fire station inside the fire truck bay) located at 1802 Bergen Parkway on Monday, May 15th 2017 from 9:00 a.m.. […]

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Colorado’s Gallagher Amendment

The State of Colorado will be taking action to apply the Gallagher Amendment in the current legislative session which impacts the percentage used state wide to determine the assessed tax valuation of residential property. The video attached below gives an explanation of how the Gallagher Amendment functions.

It is currently anticipated that the Legislature is planning […]

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EFPD Budgets

2017 EFPD Budget

2016 EFPD Budget

2015 EFPD Budget 

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Preparing for Winter Storms

Below is the link to a video about preparing for winter storms.


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Donate A Car – Save A Life

Donate your old cars and trucks to be used for rescue training by the Volunteer Firefighters. Tax deductible. Contact John at 303.674.2323.

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Stand By For Tone

Stand By For Tone April 2017

(Training Calendar, upcoming events and important news)

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